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Wants to know the Secrets of Toppers...????

Hello my Dear Student
Greetings from KCMT

Are you giving your best and still  unable to beat the topper?
Feeling lack of confidence?
Want to succeed in the race?
Wants to know the secret behind toppers' success?

Simply don't worry as Here i am again to help you and give answers to your unsolved queries.
My dear student, first of all you need to understand that you are living in a country where millions of students register for each exam every year, and each of them put their heart, soul and sweat, like you in your case, into preparation for as long as three to four years, competition sure takes a toll on them.

So fir this, There can be two ways to answer you. One is simply telling you the tips that toppers follow but that would be something you must be already  knowing or something which is very common that anyone can tell you.  Since you have shown faith on me by reading this article, I would tell you something different in my own way. Let me share with you my father's secret to …
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Importance of placements while choosing a college..!!

Hello Dear Student Greetings from KCMT
So finally your childhood is over and now you will be asked to take charge of your future.You must be thinking of various factors for applying to a collegelike best field to choose, best course to go with, best college and much more. Placements is one of them .If you belong to business background and wish to join the same then you need not worry too much but if you wish to go for employment then this article is must read for you.
What’s harder to see, are the students who could have done well at college level but never got the chance because of failure of the college to provide placements to its students.”. Knowing that you will be guided after your graduation so that you land a job helps you feel secure. Best College is always associated with best placements for its students. The best part here is that companies will come to your campus without you having to knock on various doors for jobs.
Here are Some tips for you to follow before taking admissio…

5 Things You must know before entering College Life

Hey Dear Student Greetings from KCMT
Entering a new place? Anxious like never before? Terror of a new place? Feeling a pang of sadness leaving your most lovable place?.....and there’s so much to think about:
I can understand very well. I have also been through this excitingly painful stage of life where like you, I also used to keep thinking of that Pepsi Commercial, “School khatam ho raha hai….Dosti nahi”?
Its like entering a whole new world…… Will I make friends?
What Major should I pick?
How will I balance everything?
Will i able to comfort myself in new environment? And, lot’s more.That’s why we’ve created this list of the top 5 things you need to know before you  start college..
1. Check out the companions from your school - Having a friend or a colleague from your school or any known to accompany you in college life will relax your mind stress. So try and find out.
2.Time Management - Use proper time management to balance everything.I suggest creating a weekly schedule. This all…

Nervous for you First Interview....???

Hello Dear Student, Greetings from KCMT!!
Are you about to appear in your first interview?
You won't have to tell me but I can understand that your heart must be throbbing harder.. 
Don't Worry as it happens but believing on skill set can sort everything easily. 

Don't be tensed about the questions, will be asked during your interview but imagine you, sitting in your personal cabin, enjoying your professional life. Well I won't take you much into dreams, and would suggest you few things to keep in mind. Mark them all and be ready to steel your job. 
1.Get enough sleep the night before – Often due to the thought process on the night before the interview doesn’t let us relax and sleep but to get the mind relaxed is very important. Know this will set you up for success the next day. Get a shower, tea, light music or any other thing that helps you fall asleep.
2.Dress Comfortable - Wear something that’s professional, fits well, expresses you and won’t distract you. You may think …

Here Is All How You Can Make Yourself Different From Others!!

Hi, Rising Star… Greetings from KCMT!!
That's Impressive, I feel if you have clicked on this blog , that means you are just like me, I mean a kind of person who always want to be different or may be the one who always want to create a unique identity. Well if you are really looking forward for such cool ideas to make you different from others then let me tell you, you are absolutely at a right place.

No Doubt, People today respect the person who is different from others, having his/her own individual identity. We all rush towards making our own presence in the crowd and we all have our own different ways to do that. But often we get confused regarding the choice of the correct way.
Change can only be brought when we know something needs to be changed from unfavourable to favourable. In order to bring change in one’s personality, what needed is the "Self-exploration". Identify your own flaws and strengths, only then one can bring change.
Here I am suggesting you few tips to s…


Hello Dear Student Greetings from KCMT!!
When you are graduate, you’re asked to take control of your own destiny. You reach at a point where you have ample amount of opportunities for yourself. Getting a degree, you finally get the tag of "employable".
But is that so?  Can Only degree make you employable and corporate ready?  The answer is simply "No". The employers these days are not looking for people holdingmerely degree in hand but with much more in their personality.
What is that? What are those things that make you go selected in the interview and makes you employable. Check them out here.

1. ANALYTICAL SKILLS – Your perception, your thought process, and your way of analysing the situation will definitely affect your selection or rejection. And to develop a keen mind-set, all you need is to start dealing with such situations and for that you may practice variouscase studies.So make sure you go through a hard-core exercise of solving case studies in your college.

Looking for the Best Institution For Your Career?

Hello Dear Student, Greeting from KCMT!!
About to finish your school life?
Worried about selecting the Best Institute for your Career?
Confused between the list of all googled?
Unable to Select the Right One for You?

Well, if yes; then don't worry as I am here to help you always.

Making the Right Choice in selecting Best Institution is something, excitingly complex but confusing too. Because things might change beyond to your imaginations if the institution doesn't fit to your requirements.
So choose a College, Which is not only well established but also have thousands of pass-out students and have provided guaranteed placements to its students. Moreover a College, which also focuses on making Students Entrepreneur. 

Take Reviews from Ex-students of different colleges. Visit their websites. Check the courses offered, placement criteria, academics, co-curricular activities. Social Platforms may be of big help to know about the regular updates of the college. 
Choose the one that fit to y…