Want to be an IT Professional?

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If you dream to be an IT professional, undoubtedly you are at the right place.  Here we’ll let you know your first few steps to be an IT Professional.
If Programming, Web Development, Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Android apps and all such technical things fascinates you and also creates a curiosity in you on how all these things can be done. Then here is the first step - you as student can take after 12th – Pursue Bachelor ofComputer Application.
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Knowing about Bachelor of Compute Application only is not enough,
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Want to be an Architect? Here is all what you need to know!!

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If you want to be an architect, undoubtedly you are at the right place. Here we’ll let you know everything you need to know to become an architect.
1. Let’s have a look first, to know what is Architecture and Why India is in need of Architect?
Architects of the emerging India need to play a significant role in shaping and designing our build environments. Architects are catalyst of a socially inclusive community living catering to the demands of sustainable society creating living working and recreational spaces. Thus, Architects are the leaders of new and Vibrant India. When imparting this leadership role, it is must for an architect to understand the value of spaces and functions considering the economical and energy effective qualities of buildings and places.

Professional architects can carve out independent careers as practicing architects or could work with governmental organization, with architectural firms, or as leading young academicians focu…

3 Courses which a COMMERCE Student can pursue after 12th?

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You are almost on half of your way if you wish to know 3 major courses that a commerce student can pursue 12th.
Bachelor of Business administration -                                                   BBA is one of the most preferred programmes nowadays which aims to prepare management graduates for Business, Industry and Corporate World. The BBA program provides students with the knowledge and technical skills, necessary to understand the modern business world, to prepare for subsequent graduate work, and to achieve the highest levels of success in their professional careers. Clickhere to know more about BBA
Bachelor of Commerce -  Commerce is widely applied in various sectors including Agriculture, industrial, Banking, Insurance, service sector etc. During this course students will learn economic theories, mathematical techniques and most modern management skills, along with the ability to apply these skills for the achievement of professional excellenc…

5 Courses which a SCIENCE student can pursue after 12th?

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You are at the right place if you wish to know more about 5 courses that a science student can pursue after graduation.
Bachelor of Science (PCM) -The course exposes the student to theoretical and experimental aspects of the subject, which have become central to the physical, biological and material sciences. Click here to know more about B.Sc PCM
Bachelor ofScience (ZBC) -Objective of the course is to provide a broad overview & appreciation of animal & plant diversity, explore the physical, morphological & physiological characteristics of flora & fauna, and develop an understanding of basic genetics & the role of genetics in natural selection.Click here to know more about B.Sc (ZBC)
Bachelor of Science (Home-Science) -Home Science is concerned with the education of "better living" and the core of this education is the family ecosystem. It also deals with reciprocal relations between the family and its natural and man-made…

3 Major Reasons, You Should Pursue BBA after 12th !!

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Confused in selecting the right course for further studies? Don’t Worry, have a look to these 3 major reasons that lets u know – why you should go with BBA after 12th.
For better understanding of the Corporate World – The only thing that you’ll select after completing your studies is either JOB or Business, so why don’t you study what actually makes you aware about the reality of corporate world or of market.  Because ultimately being on job or being a business man you’ll need knowledge that BBA provides.
To enrich your personality with required Skill set – A greater advantage, you derive from pursuing BBA is development of your skill set.  In order to perform number of tasks, various skills are required that a course like BBA develop them all. Such as – Confidence, Presentation Skills, Communication Skills, Leadership Skills – These skills helps you confronting all the challenges of market.
For Increasing Possibilities of being employed – One major proble…

5 Most Important Things to know before taking admission in MBA!!

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If you are going to take admission in MBA, then here I am writing 5 things that you should surely know. MBA is just not a course nowadays. It’s basically becoming a tool of transformation of personality. So before you choose a wrong place to invest your money, Have a look here!!
Corporate Need Based Curriculum –Most important thing about any MBA program is not only to teach students – what is in curriculum but also to make students aware – what the modern paradigm or corporate is demanding. So the first thing you should keep in mind before investing your money is to ensure the approach of your selected MBA program or the approach of the organization, you’ll be pursuing your MBA from. Personality Transformation Program (PTP) –Focus of any ideal MBA program is extending from giving syllabus based learning to giving overall personality transformation of the students, which comes from student’s engagement in personality transforming activities (Mock Intervi…