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Hello Dear Student Greetings from KCMT !! When you are graduate, you’re asked to take control of your own destiny. You reach at a point where you have ample amount of opportunities for yourself. Getting a degree, you finally get the tag of "employable". But is that so?  Can Only degree make you employable and corporate ready?  The answer is simply "No". The employers these days are not looking for people holding   merely degree in hand but with much more in their personality. What is that? What are those things that make you go selected in the interview and makes you employable.  Check them out here. 1. ANALYTICAL SKILLS – Your perception, your thought process, and your way of analysing the situation will definitely affect your selection or rejection. And to develop a keen mind-set, all you need is to start dealing with such situations and for that you may practice various   case studies.   So make sure you  go through a hard-core exercis