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5 Things You must know before entering College Life

Hey Dear Student Greetings from KCMT Entering a new place ? Anxious like never before? Terror of a new place? Feeling a pang of sadness leaving your most lovable place?.....and there’s so much to think about: I can understand very well. I have also been through this excitingly painful stage of life where like you, I also used to keep thinking of that Pepsi Commercial, “School khatam ho raha hai….Dosti nahi”? Its like entering a whole new world……   Will I make friends? What Major should I pick? How will I balance everything? Will i able to comfort myself in new environment? And, lot’s more.That’s why we’ve created this list of the top 5 things you need to know before you  start college.. 1. Check out the companions from your school - Having a friend or a colleague from your school or any known to accompany you in college life will relax your mind stress. So try and find out. 2. Time Management - Use proper time management to balance everyt