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Nervous for you First Interview....???

Hello Dear Student, Greetings from KCMT!! Are you about to appear in your first interview? You won't have to tell me but I can understand that your heart must be throbbing harder..  Don't Worry as it happens but believing on skill set can sort everything easily.  Don't be tensed about the questions, will be asked during your interview but imagine you, sitting in your personal cabin, enjoying your professional life. Well I won't take you much into dreams, and would suggest you few things to keep in mind. Mark them all and be ready to steel your job.  1. Get enough sleep the night before – Often due to the thought process on the night before the interview doesn’t let us relax and sleep but to get the mind relaxed is very important. Know this will set you up for success the next day. Get a shower, tea, light music or any other thing that helps you fall asleep. 2. Dress Comfortable - Wear something that’s professional, fits well, expresses you and

Here Is All How You Can Make Yourself Different From Others!!

Hi, Rising Star… Greetings from KCMT!! That's Impressive, I feel if you have clicked on this blog , that means you are just like me, I mean a kind of person who always want to be different or may be the one who always want to create a unique identity. Well if you are really looking forward for such cool ideas to make you different from others then let me tell you, you are absolutely at a right place. No Doubt, People today respect the person who is different from others, having his/her own individual identity . We all rush towards making our own presence in the crowd and we all have our own different ways to do that. But often we get confused regarding the choice of the correct way. Change can only be brought when we know something needs to be changed from unfavourable to favourable. In order to bring change in one’s personality, what needed is the "Self-exploration". Identify your own flaws and strengths, only then one can bring change. Here I a