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3 Major Reasons, You Should Pursue BBA after 12th !!

Dear Student, Greetings of the Day!!
Confused in selecting the right course for further studies? Don’t Worry, have a look to these 3 major reasons that lets u know – why you should go with BBA after 12th.
For better understanding of the Corporate World – The only thing that you’ll select after completing your studies is either JOB or Business, so why don’t you study what actually makes you aware about the reality of corporate world or of market.  Because ultimately being on job or being a business man you’ll need knowledge that BBA provides.
To enrich your personality with required Skill set – A greater advantage, you derive from pursuing BBA is development of your skill set.  In order to perform number of tasks, various skills are required that a course like BBA develop them all. Such as – Confidence, Presentation Skills, Communication Skills, Leadership Skills – These skills helps you confronting all the challenges of market.
For Increasing Possibilities of being employed – One major proble…

5 Most Important Things to know before taking admission in MBA!!

Dear Student, Greetings of the Day!!
If you are going to take admission in MBA, then here I am writing 5 things that you should surely know. MBA is just not a course nowadays. It’s basically becoming a tool of transformation of personality. So before you choose a wrong place to invest your money, Have a look here!!
Corporate Need Based Curriculum –Most important thing about any MBA program is not only to teach students – what is in curriculum but also to make students aware – what the modern paradigm or corporate is demanding. So the first thing you should keep in mind before investing your money is to ensure the approach of your selected MBA program or the approach of the organization, you’ll be pursuing your MBA from. Personality Transformation Program (PTP) –Focus of any ideal MBA program is extending from giving syllabus based learning to giving overall personality transformation of the students, which comes from student’s engagement in personality transforming activities (Mock Intervi…