Is Social Networking a Slow Poison

In today’s world the presence of social networking media has amazingly changed the online climate in past 10 years. Social networking media allowing online users to exchange ideas, emotions, sentiments, feeling, information, pictures, songs, movies and personal as well as professional moments with a competitively increasing rate. Social networking media users have very quickly adopted online social collaboration as a fundamental part of daily life, so that rapidly growing the online daily users count. Whats app and Facebook both have reported more than 900 million daily active users’ hits in September 2015 ( resulting social networking is growing with significant influence of many surfaces of very modern life beyond online communiqué in various sectors like marketing to education sector, health to politics and politics to basic human interaction.

In these above areas social media presents clear benefits because this social networking phenomenon is relatively new. Very few researchers have stressed about the after effect of recurrent social networking media use, frequency and amount of time spent and after effect on the physical and mental health.This limited understanding is particularly concerning in the context of youth or young adult users, as they spend the most time for socializing online so they are therefor at the greatest risk of wearing potentially negative and hazardous effect.

The basic purpose of this article was to gain a better understanding and knowledge about the role that social networking media playing in shaping out the mental and physical health of college going students. In 21 st century we are living in the world of knowledge and technology hence one must understand, how to use where to use and learn control over technology. The youth of today is surrounded by the gadgets and virtual world of social networking media like face book, twitter and Whatsapp. The dependency of youth on internet and social networking media has attain such level that without the computer and social networking media they cannot move forward even a single step in the direction of their growth and prosperity. The addiction of these artificial society taking the youth far from family, culture, values and real society, the purpose of the usage of internet and social networking media in mostly cases are addiction and inclination rather than any necessity drive.

Current article reveals on the basis of research that addiction of internet and high frequency of usage of social networking media affect the physical and mental health of youth and slowly making them patient of VTS-virtual technology syndrome. Hence the youth of today must know what is important and up to what extent, what is not important, time management, relationship management and setting priorities of life should direct our behavior at the time of using the virtual technology like social networking media. Last but not least one should always keep a watch and have periodic evaluation of technological effect on health and well-being because health is real wealth.


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