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5 Things You must know before entering College Life

Hey Dear Student
Greetings from KCMT

Entering a new place?
Anxious like never before?
Terror of a new place?
Feeling a pang of sadness leaving your most lovable place?.....and there’s so much to think about:

I can understand very well. I have also been through this excitingly painful stage of life where like you, I also used to keep thinking of that Pepsi Commercial, “School khatam ho raha hai….Dosti nahi”?

Its like entering a whole new world……
 Will I make friends?
What Major should I pick?
How will I balance everything?
Will i able to comfort myself in new environment?
And, lot’s more.That’s why we’ve created this list of the top 5 things you need to know before you  start college..

1. Check out the companions from your school - Having a friend or a colleague from your school or any known to accompany you in college life will relax your mind stress. So try and find out.

2.Time Management - Use proper time management to balance everything.I suggest creating a weekly schedule. This allows you to keep track of your time and you can get everything done with time to spare

3. Develop socializing skills - Most of our high school friends go off to learn different majors in different cities. But don’t feel sad. The good news is -
Everyone else in your class is also in the same boat.
All of your classmates in college have also left their BFFs behind and are on the place for making new friends.That’s why students often comment that making friends in college is easier than in high school! Making friends is a natural part of life.

4. Attend orientation. Don’t be tempted to give it a miss because it’s a great introduction to your new college and to other students, too. It’s designed to help you settle in and you’ll feel more confident after you’ve taken part. You’ll also know your way about the campus, where to go for lunch and where the library is, which will make life a lot easier. 

5.Learn to budget. If you belong to some other place and new to your college city then managing your finances is another big challenge.  Work out how much you need for essentials like rent for hostel, travel, books and food and divide up whatever’s left .

Ask college management if they have the hostel or PG facility for their students, if they provide the bus facility or not, Ensure it must be a Ragging-free campus. Check out what other facilities do they have for their students.I hope the tips will help you start afresh with a stable mind-set.

All the best.
Thanks for reading the article


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