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Hello Dear Student
Greetings from KCMT!!

When you are graduate, you’re asked to take control of your own destiny. You reach at a point where you have ample amount of opportunities for yourself. Getting a degree, you finally get the tag of "employable".

But is that so?  Can Only degree make you employable and corporate ready?  The answer is simply "No". The employers these days are not looking for people holding merely degree in hand but with much more in their personality.

What is that? What are those things that make you go selected in the interview and makes you employable. Check them out here.

1. ANALYTICAL SKILLS – Your perception, your thought process, and your way of analysing the situation will definitely affect your selection or rejection. And to develop a keen mind-set, all you need is to start dealing with such situations and for that you may practice various case studies. So make sure you go through a hard-core exercise of solving case studies in your college.

2. COMMUNICATION SKILLS - Having knowledge is not enough, one should have skills to present it too. It is what matters!!! Organizations today are looking for people who have excellent communication skills. But are you confused as to how to develop them?
Don’t worry. I’ll help you with an advice. Participate as much as you can in seminars or conferences as a speaker in some role, make a habit of playing active in Group Discussions, indulge yourself in an atmosphere where your grammatical errors are not something to be mocked-upon.

3. BE FLEXIBLE - Generation today is very rigid in terms of choosing the employment for him/herself. Do you also feel that  you have made a mind set and will look for job only in some particular sector??? 

Well!! Well!! Well!! My dear student, What you need is the change in mind- set. You must look somewhere where there are opportunities available for you and grab it. Go for the suitable Companies coming to your college or various other institutions through placement drive but don’t let opportunity go away.

4. PRACTICAL ORIENTATION  - Books can be your Best – Friend but your friendship will only last long when you use that gained knowledge in your day to day life. Only academic performance is not always enough to get you a job. Your exposure, co-curriculur, sports and all matters. Knowledge is not always practised in class, but also through school trips in summer and winter, sports festivals, "getting to know each other summer camps" and project weeks!

Make sure you become a part of such trips if they take place in your institution.

 5. VOLUNTEERING - Only doing the assigned task can be anyone’s cup of tea but Employers today want people who are active and ready to take initiative for the betterment of the organisation. Make Voluntariness a part of your behaviour. Be Corporate Ready.

Work on the same and you are Good to Go.

Do you find this article helpful??? Please share your views in the comment section.

Thanks for Reading!!


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