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Wants to know the Secrets of Toppers...????

Hello my Dear Student
Greetings from KCMT

Are you giving your best and still  unable to beat the topper?
Feeling lack of confidence?
Want to succeed in the race?
Wants to know the secret behind toppers' success?

Simply don't worry as Here i am again to help you and give answers to your unsolved queries.
My dear student, first of all you need to understand that you are living in a country where millions of students register for each exam every year, and each of them put their heart, soul and sweat, like you in your case, into preparation for as long as three to four years, competition sure takes a toll on them.

So fir this, There can be two ways to answer you. One is simply telling you the tips that toppers follow but that would be something you must be already  knowing or something which is very common that anyone can tell you.  Since you have shown faith on me by reading this article, I would tell you something different in my own way. Let me share with you my father's secret to become topper which he shared with me when i needed the same guidance.

So once I asked my father if he had a secret on how I could break the barrier. He said he had one. I thought he would tell me to work harder. But he said, ‘The secret is called - What? When? How?’ and then he went on to explain it. He said that ‘What?’ means what is the goal that one is wanting for oneself. In my case, it was getting into the top three ranks of the class. ‘When?’ was the time when one wanted to achieve this goal. In my case, it was the final exam of Grade 12. ‘How?’ meant the amount of work that was needed to be put, the sacrifices that were needed to be made and the methodology that had to be followed to achieve that goal.

Therefore my dear Rising Star, In short what you need to do is decide your goal which you want achieve,  decide the right time to start working upon it,  and most importantly , ‘How?’ part should be realistic and you should sincerely follow it.

If you are going for College Admission, again follow the same three steps - What? i.e. choose the best college for yourself. When? i.e. take admission  in your chosen college before the seats fill up. How? - for this section you need to consult the administration of the college so that you may get the right guidance regarding the admission procedure of the concerned college.

Visit our page for any further guidance if you need.  And check out our topper's secrets shared by them over there.

All the best
Thanks for reading the article.


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